• ECRx:

    • THE RESULTS ARE IN! Over the last 5 years ECRx pharmacy BENEFIT program, a direct product of EACH, has outperformed the National PBM results by 50%. National Rx trends are running at 10% – 12% of all PBM’s with ECRx achieving an average of 2.6% – 6.2%. Our clinically well-managed PBM is saving our employer members an average of $12,000 – $17,000 for every $100,000 of pharmacy spend compared to the traditional PBM’s. Further, our members and their families are the beneficiaries of a comprehensive education and patient concierge approach that is resulting in the right drug, at the right price and the best patient experience. The result of this unique patient education approach is a generic fill rate of 90.2% of all scripts compared to industry results of 65% – 75%.
  • E3 (Engage-Educate-Enhance) Diabetic Care Management:

    • A physician led program to manage your diabetic patient population with enhanced support to reverse the trend of a pre-diabetic with our CDC approved Prevent Type 2 health education course. Patients have access to free diabetic testing supplies and regular contact with certified diabetes educators, registered dieticians, exercise and behavioral support.
  • TouchCare:

    • TouchCare is a healthcare concierge service. We take care of all the things you don’t like or don’t know how to deal with: billing mistakes, finding and coordinating with providers, selecting a health insurance plan, and more. America’s healthcare system is confusing, and things can go wrong. The best solution is to understand your options. Our service provides every member with a Personal Health Assistant. Our job is to make your life easier, save you money, and empower you to make the best healthcare decisions for you and your family.
  • Orthus Health:

    • Orthus Health is Pioneering New Pathways to Change that go beyond wellness to reveal insights, initiate action, shift behavior, and change the story. Our solutions help employers effectively manage the health of their populations through meaningful programs and collaborative services that have a direct and measurable impact on the health, wellbeing, and health care costs of their employees. Our core strengths stem from our integrated solution, offering the client: 1) a combination of actuarial science with empirical evidence-based medical guidelines to direct action and affect change in population health, 2) a personalized pathway to behavioral change for every individual, and 3) highly effective support through technology-enhanced communications.
  • 1-800-MD:

    • With a remarkable reputation, 1.800MD’s reliable benefit includes the comprehensive suite of information your customers are looking for when considering their benefits package. As one of the oldest telemedicine companies, we offer 24-hour access to Board-Certified physicians through email, phone or live video conferencing. Easy to implement, use and administer, this convenient benefit provides proven claim savings, reduces absenteeism and can improve productivity by increasing engagement.
  • ChromoCare

    • ChromoCare’s flagship product, The G•A•P Test ensures medication compatibility for a patient who is on a prescription drug regimen of any sort. About 50% of all new prescriptions issued each year in the US are either not effective for the problem they’re being prescribed, or they cause some sort of negative side effect. The G•A•P Test allows a patient to avoid multiple doctor-office visits to get their prescription matched to their needs (Trial & Error Prescribing), and helps them avoid potentially fatal Adverse Drug Reactions, the 5th leading cause of death in the US today.
  • Regenexx

    • Regenexx is focused on providing solutions to repair and regenerate orthopedic conditions that were previously only achievable with surgery. Edison Healthcare partnered with Regenexx to bring patients the newest breakthroughs in science for treating common orthopedic conditions such as joint replacement, osteoarthritis and acute injuries through needle-based injections using a patient’s own cells. By providing patients a choice in treatment options for orthopedic care, we help our patients return to an active healthy lifestyle without the pain, downtime and risks associated with surgery.  By providing patients a choice in treatment options for orthopedic care, we help our patients avoid an invasive medical procedure over 70% of the time while achieving equal to or better outcomes than previous surgical encounters.
  • SurgeryPlus

    • SurgeryPlus ®, is a supplemental, surgical benefit that includes a national network of 100% board-certified Surgeons of Excellence and high-quality facilities. SurgeryPlus covers hundreds of non-emergent procedures with pre-negotiated bundled rates, resulting in consolidated costs for each episode of care. Dedicated Care Coordinators provide full-concierge service to covered members, managing the entire procedure process on their behalf. Our focus is on high quality surgeons, facilities and care for members paired with white-glove service and significant savings.
  • PriceMD’s SpecialtyRX:

    • PriceMD’s has launched a new Specialty Rx Cost Containment Solution that is designed specifically for individual employees and plan members suffering from conditions such as hemophilia, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and more. Treatments for these conditions can be very costly with frightening potential complications for any bottom line. All treatments are administered at high quality, accredited, medical facilities in the Cayman Islands and a personal concierge will assist the patient each step of the way. PriceMD’s has contracted and locked-in discounted service rates of up to 70% for eligible specialty medications.


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