A Coalition Formed by Employers for Employers

Manufacturing Executive Association (MEA), a group of Fort Smith, Arkansas manufacturers, faced with double-digit healthcare cost increases, formed a committee to meet with healthcare providers to address the situation.

Out of that committee, Employers Health Coalition was formed.  While EHC employers were not healthcare experts, they were experts at evaluating problems and finding solutions.  The problem was simple, unprecedented healthcare cost increases.  The solution was complex.

What began as the development of a low cost hospital and physician network has grown into a nationally recognized voice for employers advocating value and innovation in healthcare.  Today we save our employers millions of dollars annually through strategic provider negotiations coupled with an unyielding demand for value-based, high-quality healthcare.  EHC, a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization, continues our mission to establish and promote programs and activities designed to strengthen employer-provided healthcare.

Check presentation to Colin McClain of the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith for his work on the EACH logo
From left: Keith Weigand, Managing Director; Chris Boyd, IT Manager; Steve Hotz, Board President; Colin McClain, Graphic Arts Department, UAFS;
Liz Kuehl, Board Member; Eiko Reilly, Director of Operations; Bob McCollins, Managing Director